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Canoeing the Big Thicket

Wild & Scenic Neches River

Experience Mother Nature's Beauty and Solitude - up close and personal.  All you need is your camping gear, your friend(s) and a taste for ADVENTURE...


  EASTEX will do the rest... 

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The lower Neches (nay-chez) is a Wild & Scenic River that meanders slowly past the Big Thicket National Preserve region of Southeastern Texas.  The Neches River's watershed drains thousands of square miles of floodplain for several hundred miles above Beaumont & Port Arthur, Texas. 
This Wild & Scenic River offers paddlers & campers outstanding scenery including Cypress/Tupelo Sloughs, Bluffs, oxbow lakes and a mixed Pine-Hardwood forest.  Snow-white sandbars lend themselves for day use and excellent primitive campsites.  Wildlife sightings are frequent and aquatic life is healthy. 
A pristine watershed relatively free of humans and man-made endeavors, these Wild & Scenic River Adventures offer canoe-campers an adventure they won't soon forget.

Eastex Canoe Trails offers several Adventures inside the lower Neches River Corridor, but the most popular trip is 3 Days & 2 Nights of leisurely paddling and primitive camping.  

Day Trips & Overnight (2 Days) Trips are sometimes available throughout the operating season on a limited basis.  Contact the River "Boss" at Headquarters for more details on arranging one of these "special" trips.

Advance Reservations are required for all Canoe-Camping Adventures.  A Backcountry Camping Permit from Big Thicket National Preserve is also required, but they are free and good for up to 5 days.

Distinguishing features of this Wild & Scenic River is her pristine, unspoiled scenery, abundant white sandbars, enjoyable wildlife and a uniquely Texan pioneer culture that survived here for over 100 years. 
   Neches River Bluff & Rockpile

Steamboat traffic, wharfs and warehouses, farms, ranches and ferry operations were all common along this section of the Neches River prior to and after Texas' Independence from Mexico (1836) and eventual U.S. statehood (1845). During the Civil War (1861 - 1865), union sympathizers and those evading confederate conscription hid out in the deep woods here.

As early as 1850, timber companies moved into Big Thicket, received legal title to large tracts of land and began logging the giant Cypress and Pine trees nearest the river - floating large "rafts" of logs downstream to Beaumont sawmills. By 1930, all first generation Big Thicket forests had been completely harvested and preservation efforts began.

Giant Cypress in Neches River bottom

 In the late 1950's and 1960's, the local residents, a.k.a. the "Dog People" formed an unlikely alliance with the National Park Service in effort to salvage three generations of "living off the land" in these bottoms.  Big Thicket National Preserve was finally signed into law in 1974.  Today, paddlers will exerience a pristine, Wild & Scenic River, relatively free of impact from humans.


Boasting a wide variety of wildlife, this Wild and Scenic River is extremely primitive and features several cypress swamps, old river lakes and connecting sloughs intermixed with pine and hardwood terraces.
Big Thicket Wildlife, Beaver
Wildlife in the Big Thicket, Armadillo
No particular hazards exist except the possibility of strong, deep currents after heavy rainfall.  Snowy-white sandbars are frequent and lend themselves as excellent campsites and day use. At higher water levels, good camping is still available on the terraces overlooking the river and cutoff lakes.

Alligator Sleeping On Log Enjoyable Sandbar Camping

These trips can be enjoyed any time of year. Water levels are usually sufficient for paddling and floating regardless of season.

Campers with their own canoes or kayaks can arrange transportation, nearby parking, good mapping and local knowledge @ Eastex Canoe Trails - Texas World Headquarters .

Pack It In - Pack It Out

Remember, LEAVE NO TRACE.... GLASS IS PROHIBITED!  "Take nothing but Photographs and Leave nothing but Footprints."  Be prepared for sudden weather changes, wind, heat, cold or heavy rain. This is a remote and isolated area, THERE ARE NO FACILITIES.

Neches River Maps are available when you Reserve your Canoes for your "Wilderness River Trip" w/ Eastex Canoe Trails

Osagian Canoes Are Ideal For Camping

Everything you need for a few days and nights in the Wilderness will fit nicely into one of our custom built Osagian Camper Canoes....


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